Bathe for Money ~ Prosperity bath

Bathe for Money ~ Prosperity bath

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Sea salt, pine, clove and basil, as well as a mysterious blend of essential oils and herbs used for attracting prosperity! 3.5 ounce pouch~

Best if this bath is placed in a muslin or organza bag when it goes into the water, to save yourself some cleanup time.

To use:

For Prosperity Use when needing to attract Wealth and To become a money magnet.

Best used on a full or waxing moon With a green candle

“My hands collect cash,

my bank account will swell~

I am blessed with abundance,

so tolls the bell~

Money and Power,

Wealth and Prosperity~

Goddess of Cash,

Lay it on me!”

Ring a bell, Light your candle and bathe for at least 20 minutes.