Bathe for Love~ Lovebath

Bathe for Love~ Lovebath

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3.5 Ounce~1 bath~ 

 This bath is best placed into a muslin or organza bag in the bath and once the salt has melted into the water, the bag can be placed on at each body part in the prayer below~

(This also keeps the bath from becoming a giant mess!)

Using Sea Salt, cinnamon, cubeb, roses, and a blessed blend of essential oils and herbs~  this bath will help you create a ritual for you to live your best and highest calling. Love yourself, love what you do, love who you are with!

Best used on a full or waxing moon. With a Red candle. Add to bath, and bless the waters with this prayer:

“Bless my feet so they my take me to beautiful places

Bless my legs, that they are Strong Pillars to stand on.

Bless my hips, They they will sway with dance

Bless my belly, that I remain nourished

Bless my heart, that it may guide me in love

Bless my voice, that I may speak my truth

Bless my mind, that I remain focused.

Bless my spirit, that I may find my lover.”


Light your candle and bathe for at least 20 minutes.