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So here I am just about to go into surgery and I am excited, nervous and scared a bit. I have been working on my book "Sorceress of Angra" it is based off a true story from the inquisition in the Azores islands (from Terceira Islands Specifically) . I have not tried writing fiction in a long time and it has been a challenge for me, I am trying hard to image the Azores in the 1600s and trying to keep it as accurate as possible. Ultimately it is great practice and keeps your brain working. I am hoping this will be out in January of next year, but its still a work in progress. This will be something I self publish. 

I am also writing out many things for my Hedge witch classes, and I am going to share some of it here with you~ These are Herb Charms/herb blessings/harvest blessings/prayers/ etc that are used to honor and/or charge the plants with more healing power. I have tried to gather information from different cultures around the world, eventually I will compile all of these "classes" into chapters and this is part of the first chapter. "The Harvest"

Here are the examples:

Native American as told by Robin Wall Kimmerer speaking of the “Honorable Harvest” (Potawatomi Nation)

Ask permission of the ones whose lives you seek. Abide by the answer.

Never take the first. Never take the last.

Harvest in a way that minimizes harm. 

Take only what you need and leave some for others.

Use everything that you take. 

Take only that which is given to you. 

Share it, as the Earth has shared with you. 

Be grateful. 

Reciprocate the gift.

Sustain the ones who sustain you, and the Earth will last forever.

Greco Roman Egyptian Sorcery: Greek Magical Papyri  (30 BCE – 390 CE)

Page 43 in the Betz translation PGM IV. 286-95 

*Spell for picking a Plant: Use it before Sunrise. The Spell to Be spoken: “I am picking you, Such and such a plant, with my five fingered hand, I, NN, and I am bringing you home so that you may work for me for a certain purpose. I adure you by the undefiled / name of the God: If you pay no heed to me, the earth which produced you will no longer be watered as far as you are concerned- ever in life again, if I fail in this operation,Mouthabar Nach Barnachocha Braeo Menda Laubraase Phaspha Bendeo; Fulfil for me / the perfect charm.” (voces magicae)


From “The Discovery of Witchcraft” Reginald Scott (page 139 Dover edition)

A charm to be said by a witch fasting, or at least before she goes to gather medicinal herbs:

“Hail be thou Holy Herb,

Growing on the Ground

In the mount Calvarie

First wert thou found,

Thou art good for many a sore,

And heal many a wound;

In the name of sweet jesus

I take these from the ground.”



The Nine Herbs Prayer to be spoken when creating this salve for healing from the Lacnunga includes nine sacred herbs:1000 AD

  1. Una = mugwort – Artemisia vulgaris
  2. Waybread = plantain – Plantago major
  3. Stune = lamb’s cress – Nasturtium officinalis
  4. Atterlothe = betony – Stachys betonica
  5. Maythe = chamomile – Anthemis nobilis
  6. Wergulu = nettle – Urtica dioica
  7. Crab apple – Pyrus malus 
  8. Chervil – Anthriscus cerefolium
  9. Fennel – Foeniculum vulgare

The Nine Herbs Charm was supposed to help the person reciting it to heal a sick person by invoking the god Woden and to honor the herbs that can be used for healing. Said to be sung 3 times into each herb and over the patient's mouth, ears and wound. The nine herbs are ground in mortar and pestle, mixed with old soap and made into a paste mixed with ash, then boiled fennel is added to make this salve. 

“Remember, Mugwort, what you made known,

what you arranged at Regenmeld.

You were called Una, the oldest of herbs,

you have power against three and against thirty,

you have power against poison and against infection,

you have power against the loathsome foe roving through the land.

And you, waybread, mother of herbs,

open from the east, mighty inside.

Over you chariots creaked, over you queens rode,

over you brides cried out, over you bulls snorted.

You withstood all of them, you dashed against them.

May you likewise withstand poison and infection

and the loathsome foe roving through the land.

‘Stune’ is the name of this herb, it grew on a stone,

it stands up against poison, it dashes against poison,

it drives out the hostile one, it casts out poison.

This is the herb that fought against the snake,

it has power against poison, it has power against infection,

it has power against the loathsome foe roving through the land.

Now, atterlothe, put to flight now, Venom-loather, the greater poisons,

though you are the lesser,

you the mightier, conquer the lesser poisons, until he is cured of both.

Remember, maythe, what you made known,

what you accomplished at Alorford,

that never a man should lose his life from infection

after maythe was prepared for his food.

This is the herb that is called ‘Wergulu’.

A seal sent it across the sea-right,

a vexation to poison, a help to others.

It stands against pain, it dashes against poison,

it has power against three and against thirty,

against the hand of a fiend and against mighty devices,

against the spell of mean creatures.

There the Apple accomplished it against poison

that she [the loathsome serpent] would never dwell in the house.

Chervil and Fennel, two very mighty one.

They were created by the wise Lord,

holy in heaven as He hung;

He set and sent them to the seven worlds,

to the wretched and the fortunate, as a help to all.”


On Preparation while saying the above charm 

 “Mugwort, waybread open form the east, lamb’s cress, atterlothe, maythe, nettle, crab-apple, chervil and fennel, old soap; pound the herbs to a powder, mix them with the soap and the juice of the apple. Then prepare a paste of water and of ashes, take fennel, boil it with the paste and wash it with a beaten egg when you apply the salve, both before and after.

Sing this charm three times on each of the herbs before you prepare them, and likewise on the apple. And sing the same charm into the mouth of the man and into both his ears, and on the wound, before you apply the salve.”

Cockayne (1864-1866) ‘The Lacnunga’, part of the codex MS Harley 585. 10th or 11th century


Create your own blessing charm for your work.

Other examples: 


“Herbs of life and manifestation,

Grant us a time of celebration;

See our hopes and desires come true,

That our path of love may continue~ “



“By the power of the moon and the work of our hand,

I am blessed by the trees and spirits of the land.” 


“Herbs we/I pluck with gratitude

For this potion we/I have brewed~


Herbs of health and desire,

Of the hedge and the briar;


That we/I not allow evil to Collude~

We/I partake of nourishing Food~


She brings forth our/my inner fire~

Bless us/me, Goddess we/I admire.”



However you work with plants, I wish you the best;



Jennifer Teixeira


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