Temple of the Bones Rituals to the Goddess Hekate Book is in Production

2020 has been a dogshit year honestly. Though I will say the positive side is that I had the time to get a lot of writing done. (Also, nice that I now live in a Sacred Grove where I can run around naked and screaming.)

One example of my obsessive nature to DO SOMETHING is the book I compiled and wrote just as we got hit with the plague. (There is nothing like a Pandemic to make you contemplate your own mortality)

Temple of the Bones is a book documenting a ritual circle dedicated to the Mighty Queen Hekate and her retinue of lost souls. Rowan Rivers and I started this Temple 3 years ago and with the help of our local community, we shared our love of the Great and Terrible Queen Hekate. There are the countless magical folk that graced the circle with their presence as well and we could not have done it without them. Rowan Rivers gives a solid intro to the book, as he and I would spend countless hours discussing a magical plan for our next rituals. There are a few of those ritual outlines in the book & some backstory about the Temple and how we formed it. It is a good resource if you are of some magical experience and wish to start your own Temple Dedicated to Hekate, but also a nice intro to the Mistress of Magic and ways to honor and invoke her. As an added bonus you can see my madcap way of putting things together (I am Chaos. Really) where I talk about Flying Ointments, Herb magic, Tea Leaf reading and Necromancy. Yay! All things a Witch Dedicated to Hekate should think about.

Not sure when I will have a release date, but it is set to come out in 2021, I'm guessing around September or October. You will be able to find out where to buy this book through the publisher Moon Books (Pagan Portals) .

(The cover is still in the works, but I love it so far.) 


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