Book on Azoreans accused of Witchcraft is on Amazon. Sorceress of Angra is now available!

Finally got to finishing the story, or is it done yet really? there are so many roadblocks that you encounter when putting together a piece of historical fiction. There are gaps to fill that needs to be powered by imagination and yet be rooted in reality. I've done my best to keep to the story of Barbara, by researching into these trials, adding stars * next to the magical incantations and work she does. There is so much more I could write about with her story, and maybe I will someday. I sit here and long to visit the islands, to get my new eyes all over the places mentioned in the inquisition files to feel the stones myself and maybe even write about what folk magic is practiced now... we'll see, I may find myself there soon enough.

If you found my previous blog post that lists Azoreans Accused of Witchcraft interesting, I have them in the beginning of the book with more information about what their crimes may have been and their punishments. Some are more in depth than others, but also very interesting. There are some stories in those for sure. 

I will have author copies available in this shop soon, I've already sold out of my first batch, but if you want a copy, it is available on Amazon. Just do a little search and you will see the ebook and paperback available. 


Thanks so much for your support and encouragment for this project, I appreciate you!


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