Queen of the Restless Dead

Queen of the Restless Dead.

As this Will be a Lunar Eclipse and full moon, there are elements of shadows to be explored in the waking of humanity. Typically a Deipnon is observed on the dark moon, but in the case of todays injustice and murder, it can be observed by the light and dark represented by this Full Moon Eclipse. The Dichotomy of Love and Hate is strong during this time, we will feel the strain in an already tense world. 

On the Deipnon, the Ancient people of Athens saw it as a time of atonement and cleansing. The home must be purified as if a guest would arrive, fumigation of holy herbs and resins would occur, and offerings of food to appease the Restless dead are placed at the altar of Hekate. She is of Heaven, Earth and Sea, and up from the Realm of Hades she rises with these souls that seek vengeance for their violent and untimely death. With hounds baying at her feet, and these restless souls as her accompaniment, Hekate is also Guide to the atonement of the guilty. The Athenians knew that in order to appease the Goddess and her retinue of souls they would cleanse the home on this Deipnon every month.

In modern rituals honoring Hekate on the dark of the moon, occultists place pictures at the altar space of those who have been wrongly killed, make their offerings of eggs, fish, cakes or other appropriate foods. We offer food to the restless dead and open up the doorway to honoring them through sharing their legacy. Our homes are often temples, sometimes we have sacred spaces outdoors, at a crossroad or in a liminal space of some kind. These are also places that can be cleansed and fumigated.

In these times of murder and injustice, we have many restless souls in need of our prayer and support. What do you think of when I say these things? How does it relate today? And What can you do to clean up? I mention this now, there is a lot of discord in the world, and the spirits are angry. We, too, are angry alongside them. Let us honor these ancestors at our own altar spaces as we seek resolution to the injustice that happened upon them.

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