Psychedelic Chicken

"Bertha the Chicken"

I had purchased several Mandrake Seeds from  they aren't cheap, but I really wanted to start growing these beauties. You can imagine my joy in seeing them sprout up, one after another. It took well over a month to germinate, but I got a few little sprouties going on, and was pretty happy about it. 

Well, Someone left the greenhouse door wide open, and I come in to find pots tipped over, dirt every place and the root pulled up and out of the pots. Greens all gone. Chickens Everywhere. I thought; "Isnt this shit poisonous?" and "Is my chicken trippin' right now?" .  

Mandrake is in the nightshade family, just like tomatoes and eggplants.  It's also in the same family as deadly jimsonweed and belladonna. All parts of mandrake plants contain the alkaloids hyoscamine and scopolamine. These produce hallucinogenic effects as well as narcotic, emetic and purgative results. If I could talk to my chicken, she could tell me how she felt, but alas. I am not a chicken whisperer. 

My little Mandrake sprouts had no known effect on the chicken. Beside this picture I took of her. 

Please note:

It is best to admire the plant but make no plans to ingest it. Chickens are not people. Based on Actual Events. 

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