Of Blood

Blood is life.

Throughout history, there has been the tenant that menstrual blood is either Sacred as Hell, or Dirty as fuck. I know, if you have had a period, you know, it ACTUALLY can feel that way. Its Powerful, Nasty, and Sacred all wrapped up in a blood-soaked tampon.

I recently had a gal ask me the question of whether or not she can offer her blood to the goddess, or, was it like offering her a giant turd.

OK This is not something I even think about really, I offer my blood, no question... BUT not all of us apparently feel that way, and I get it, kind of? I mean in the Book "Blood Magic" (A great anthropology you should check out if you need more in-depth writing than I can muster up on 3 cups of coffee I inhaled this morning) menstruating women can't even touch meat lest they spoil the sausage. Both Penis and Pork. (I mean just go read the book for hell's sake.)

What is in Menstrual Blood REALLY ? Well, it is your blood, DNA, the potential for a child, a timepiece, it has tissue that is built up from all that you consume. It is Creation and destruction. Sacred and Profane in one bloody package. It carries the nutrients for a child and is chock full of blood, mucus, vaginal juices, minerals and endometrial tissue.

When you offer your blood to the earth and the goddess, does it satiate her need of blood spilled on the earth?


Will it help your garden grow?


Now I know many would not say a negative thing about their flow, it is power, strength, love and more. I do see that, but it also is pain, death and release, which just don't fall as high on the pleasure spectrum. Combined with the fact that over thousands of years it was seen as dirty, weak, and powerless. Because dammit, you should be having children, ALL THE TIME. Bad luck Bruja, you are not giving your power to the family, but to the earth!


You can and should offer your blood to the Goddess and the Land. You are feeding it with something that is the essence of life itself. And hey if you want to throw some semen on there (If that's a thing you do) I'm also pretty sure the Goddess is Delighted to take that as an offering as well.

I offer my blood now, because I can now, I only have some many moons to go  and it can change the world if you can too.


Have a blessed Release on this dark of the moon. 

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