Message from the Dreamstate



The Full moon gave me a time to sit in silence and contemplate the messages of Selene Hekate. I was in the moonlight just thinking about what led me to work with the Goddess Hekate- many years ago, I began as a witch with no love of the Goddess or Gods. I was more interested in the Science of Magic and the ability to control my life especially in times of chaos. I did trance work, and many spells and aspecting as a solitary witch. Dreamwork was particularly of interest, as my mother would always have prophetic dreams, and though she would not go into detail, she would warn me of certain events, and she was certainly on point most of the time.

I was also “gifted” with dreams. Though now I know that they have a name within sleep disorders, and that is Sleep Paralysis. It is the opposite of sleep walking, your mind is awake, but your body is asleep/paralyzed. If you have had one of these, you know they are a very different feel from a regular dream. They are terrifying, people have died in fear during them, I’ve never been so afraid, really. BUT they are fascinating, the characters that come to you are as different as people, and some of them were once in the realm of the living. I just did a video of one of my experiences with Sleep Paralysis here: Sleep paralysis, the restless dead and Hekate

Eventually was tired of being in these fearful dreams with these spirits, whoever they were so I consulted an experienced witchcraft practitioner, she helped guide me in stopping my sleep paralysis. Camphor under the bed in a bowl of water was my first project, then she suggested I sleep on my side or in prone position, just don’t sleep with your heart chakra open in the supine position. “They” see you vulnerable and easier to access when you are this way. Reducing stress levels in your life where you are able to get rest when you need to, was more of a challenge, and that lead me to taking Baikal skullcap before sleep. I took adaptogenic herbs to help with how my body responded to stress. Cutting back on foods that are heavy in death, and alcohol too, helped, especially before bed.

I looked into one spirit that was particularly concerning to me, and found her name, and I honor her energy by speaking the truth about who she was and how she became the restless dead. This lead me to my work with the Psychopomp of the Dead, Mighty Queen Hekate. I did this and things began to change, as much as I found the dreams valuable, I was ready to move on, and I actually became healthier because of it. I can honestly say I have not had these episodes much in the past 10 years.


As we move into the Dark Moon (Its on a Saturnday) start to think about those who have died through Violence, murder and injustice. DO any of their names come to mind?

I hear them.

Make your own list if need be.

Jezebel,  Hypatia of Alexandria,  Bridget Bishop,  Rebecca Nurse,  Sarah Good,  Elizabeth Howe,  Susannah Martin,  Sarah Wildes,  George Burroughs,  George Jacobs Sr.,  Martha Carrier,  John Proctor ,John Willard,  Martha Corey,  Mary Eastey,  Mary Parker,  Alice Parker ,Ann Pudeator, Wilmot Redd,  Margaret Scott,  Samuel Wardwell, Sr. Giles Corey ,Ann Foster Sarah Osborne.

  Say their names and say a prayer for them to move into the light of Hekates Torches. Honor their life and their memory. Witness them and their story if need be. Always hold your own ground and keep your boundaries firm, but flexible.

Call on Hekate, and worship her at her altar.

There is much work to be done. While spirit work is wonderful, we need to caretake those on this planet now as well. There is always someone in need out in the world. You can offer help by simply giving your time; make or purchase a cup of coffee or tea, donate money or time to a homeless shelter or needle exchange. Ask Hekate what you can do to help make her tasks easier. As someone who ran an herbal clinic in a needle exchange, there was plenty of people willing to donate money, but few who are capable of doing the footwork in homeless camps, drug dens and clinics. Your time is more valuable than money. Always.

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