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Inspiring you to work for yourself and use your “Magic Muscle”

Intention is not everything, BUT Intention is something! Let's get to some examples of how the intent of one person does not always work when the actions and constituents do not match up.

You can be sitting on the couch with your sacred chocolate fudge brownies and cast a spell for them to help you lose weight, but the ingredients in the brownie ARE not the proper ingredients for this particular spell. Think of a diet and sacred dance/movement for that type of working. This goes for a lot of magic, you are not changing the elements, you are honoring them for what they are, seeing what type of magic *they* hold. Sacred Chocolate Fudge Brownies while sitting on the couch are not for weight loss no matter how hard you can think it. (believe me I have tried!) Your focus/intent here is the success of losing weight, not of the orgasmic spell that chocolate, fat and sugar can provide. That is for a whole other post!

How is intention important?

It gives us the vision of what we want and allows us to focus on acquiring that result. Now intention is important as a guideline with how you put together spells and create ceremonies. It is the focus of the magic; you want this result. It is your vision for the spell that you desire. Again, we mention Focus as Intention and Vison. You follow this path and your ceremony or spell has ingredients and actions that inspire results.

Having the Clarity of what you want and how to get it are essential to success in life and magic. This is how the two; success in life and magic can help guide you. Focus.

Alchemy is defined typically as the process of turning lead into gold, but has anyone ever literally done it like that? The answer is no. So how do you create the magic of transformation? How do you bring something that has been unsuccessful to something that is labeled as a success? You need to look at the elements that are not allowing for the success and remove them, then you will gain more insight on to what is the success of the spell.

How does it inspire your action?

What elements are you incorporating into your success workings? Creating a Daily Practice that sets the tone of your day and making that your focus is creating magical muscle.

What is one thing that you really need to focus on to catapult you into success?

Think about that and write it down, create a prayer/dance/motion/libation/etc with the focus on your result that you can be consistently working on every day. Be sure to focus on the elements that will create success in this project. What do you need to DO to get it to happen. Success does not come overnight, though it certainly can appear that way from the outside.

Make it your focus for the next moon cycle as a daily practice and reevaluate on the full moon.

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