Living in 2020

There’s not many things more terrifying than a wall of fire surrounding you.

Feeling like you are in a tinderbox not knowing when the time when it will come and it consumes you. So far, we have been safe on our acres of land in the Redwoods of Northern California, with only faint traces of smoke on the wind. We know that the very real possibility is that it will not always pass us by, but for now we have been spared the destruction of the fires.

With Covid-19, Unrest in the streets and now unruly fire, it is undoubtedly a stressful time. A time when protection magic is a necessity, to not only protect your energy and physical homes, but our sanity.

I’ve laid off lighting candles for a while, the energy of this heatwave and the already raging fires have left me with a distaste for flames on my altars and I focus on praying to Nabia the Lusitanian Goddess of Rivers and Waters, giving her offerings of Olive oil from Northern Portugal and Holy Waters from the river that we live on the bank of. We ask the spirits of the land for ease and for the protection from the Redwoods, that they continue to offer their cooling mist and fog that can subdue the flames here in the North, and all over California.

The Full moon orb is like a pool of water that reflects the light of the sun onto a dark earth. It is in the night when we rest and take shelter from the heat of day. As we walk into the time of the Full Moon, recognize that the flames of the sun are transformed into cool water, as the moon is our holy pool of light, she will give us the protection we need from the storm.

The Working:

A Bowl

Stick of incense (I like dragons blood for this)

Spring water

Olive oil (1 ounce is enough)

At night on the full moon set your bowl out in the moon's light. Light your incense and set it in a safe space to be used in a bit.

Begin to pour the water into the bowl and say out loud what you are grateful for. You can write this down in advance, or say it on the fly, it's up to you. When you have fully poured the water in the bowl, you will give half the olive oil to the earth, and the rest goes into the bowl of water.

Stir the oil into the bowl, use the incense stick for this, putting out the flame into the waters and say what it is you need protected and what you wish to manifest.

Let the light of the moon shine onto the water as you hold it up. Ask the moon to bless this holy water, and to bless you in your endeavours. 

You can now begin to pour the water over your head,( or anoint yourself and the earth around you with your hands if that is more comfortable for you.) It is done.

May you be stable and effective on your path, to walk this Earth in Peace and Prosperity.

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