Intelligent Witches Love Toadstools.

 Witches know their Shit, this may have gotten them and other herbal women in trouble in the medieval times, as others learned of their influence over energy and competence in the use of plants for healing.

The use of entheogenic plants have been used by Shamans, Medicine Women and Witches for thousands of years. Acknowledging what a plant wants to offer to you is the access to generations of ancestral memory. Understanding the use of these plants is a sacred journey to the center of your being.

We long for access to community, to ritual, to rites of passage, weddings, gathering in sacred Circle together, much of the organization of this has been lost. But we find it in odd places, we work to create such things, even the teenagers who cut school to smoke pot behind the dugouts are accessing their inner witch in one of the few ways they are capable of in today's world.

“Entheogen theory” or Terence Mckenna's “Stoned Ape Theory” is that we as a species developed religion when we imbibed in the hallucinogenic plants, psilocybe mushrooms, Cannabis and Amanita just to name a few. Our ancestors had to learn about the edible plants and medicinal qualities of such rather quickly through trial and error. They consumed and developed over time, and we developed a larger brain because of these entheogens.

The Amanita genus has over 50 different species ~ Some are hallucinogenic, and some are toxic~ These fruits of the devil's playground ~ Fly Agaric can pop up under groves of birch, larch or firs. It is said that these mushrooms repel flies and that is where the name originates, but with the hallucinogenic properties behind mushrooms and their use in flying ointments, it certainly brings to mind the thrill of flight.

The spotty caps certainly are something to behold in the dew of morning and the Siberians knew of the powers they held by observing reindeers and their behavior after eating such a mushroom. Siberian Shamans used the mushroom to communicate with the dead, as it helps with travelling on the edges of death. It was used to encourage divinations, and to help promote sleep and for dreamwork.

Fly Agaric can be a little unpredictable and those who have ingested this mushroom do not usually recommend it to others. They have fluctuating active constituent levels, this can depend on where they grow, when they are picked, and genetics. These strong psychedelic medicines can overburden your already fatigued and overloaded system.

Topical use of Amanita in its various forms is microdosing. The energetic effect of the mushroom imbibes the spirit. The constituents in it release on the skin, some being absorbed. From working to help with physical pain, to pain within the soul or accumulated ancestral pain. These plants are here to help us understand the mystery of life a little more comprehensively.

Currently, many of us are sheltering at home, and This little Gem popped up in my facebook feed~ If you are like me, I mostly like to observe from a distance, just the presence of these plants can be enlightening, their medicine will come closer to you as you need it.

Flying ointments are a thing of legend, there are so many stories written, recipes and attributes to each. The different plants, animals and even mushrooms that can be presented in an ointment are vast, the effects vary from practitioner to practitioner, plant to plant and suggested use.

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