Herbs of Hekate

What do you think of when someone asks, "What are the Herbs of Hekate?" 

From the Orphic Argonautica describing Hekates Garden:

“In the Furthest Recesses of the enclosure was a sacred Grove Shaded by Flourishing trees. In it there were many laurels and Cornels and tall plane trees. Within the grass was carpeted with low growing plants with powerful roots. Famous Asphodel, pretty maidenhair, rushes, galangal, delicate verbena, sage, Hedge mustard, purple honeysuckle, healing cassidony, Flourishing field basil, mandrake, hulwort, in addition to fluffy Dittany, fragrant saffron, nose-smart, there too lion-foot, greenbrier, chamomile, black poppy, alcua, all-heal, white hellebore, aconite, and many other noxious plants grew from The earth. In the middle of a stout oak tree with heaven high trunk spread its branches Out over much of the grove. On it hung, spread out over a long branch, the golden fleece, Over which watched a terrible snake.”

Herbs listed in the Argonautica:

Laurel Cornels Plane Tree Asphodel Maidenhair Rushes Galangal Verbena Sage Hedge mustard Purple honeysuckle Cassidony Field basil Mandrake Hulwort Dittany Saffron Nose-smart Lion foot Greenbrier Chamomile Black poppy Alcua All heal White hellebore Aconite Oak Also; Honey.

Jason was told by Medea to propitiate Hecate “Pouring from a Goblet of Hive Soaked Labour of Bees” Honey was known as a “Sober Offering” as round honey cakes, drinks, and more. Hekate has guided persephone from the depths of Hades, and brought her back to be with her mother, and in turn Spring comes to the cold and wet earth. The “glue” between mother and daughter may very well be Hekate. The first flowers of spring, coming as a gift from the mother to the bees. Without the bees to pollinate the blossoms, there would be no food for the Gods, the people, no bee medicine and in a way it feels very much like a pay-it-forward of gifts to the world and a rebirth of what had been lost.

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