Happy New Year! 2020!

No flying cars and we haven't achieved World Peace yet, but there is time to help manifest the vision of your 2020.  A candle is a great tool to help shed some light on a situation, and these candles are really great to burn for blessings in the new year.. You can adjust the ingredients to your liking and needs~ 



Blessing candles

You will need : 

12 pack of menora candles or similar “chime” candles

¼ cup beeswax (or wax from another candle you wish to use)


½ cup of Ground herbs in equal parts : rose petals,angelica, orris root

And essential oil of your choice: Pine, Orange, Or Cinnamon are all great additions.

Painters Paint brush 

In a double boiler melt down your beeswax

While that is melting, you can prepare your chime candles. Anoint each candle with honey. Start from the top of the candle down and “bring in the sweetness” down to the bottom of the candle. Roll the candle in your ground herbs, to fully coat the candle in herbs. Your beeswax should be melted by now, you can add the essential oil to the melted wax at this point. Use the paintbrush to dab the wax on top of the candle and herbs, again moving from the top of the candle to the bottom, drawing in the blessings. While you are doing this you should have music on you like, something that has an upbeat message, and you are praying into these candles with what you need and want from them and the herbs you used. 

The powers of the herbs and you~ 

Angelica is a protective multipurpose herb that can be used to provide blessings and inspiration, and it will break hexes. 

Orris Root is used to bring love and can help in the realms of Psychic development. 

Rose is used in this recipe for self love and confidence. 

Honey is used to sweeten up the situation and bring in the things you need. 

The essential oils are up to you to decide, as they all have their own properties and you have your own needs and tastes. 

Warning; These candles will need to be burned in an Iron Cauldron, or other fire safe receptacle. Do not use glass or seashells. These candles will ignite with all the herbs in them, so you will absolutely need to sit with them 100% of the time. They can burn for anywhere between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the size of the candle and amount of herbs.

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