Full Moon Working~ Scrying and Dreamwork

Have you collected rainwater over these past few months? Have you any Sacred waters from Holy Wells or other Holy Places? This is a great time to put those into use. These waters are protective and call on your higher self. You do not have to use all of it, but a few drops will do~

For this working you will need:

Holy Water

A dark flat stone like obsidian or jet. (Pictured is an Obsidian plate, you do not need something as big or flat)

Teaspoon Mugwort herb

Lavender Essential oil Incense or smoke.

A bowl or cauldron for gazing

What is Your future? What questions do you have? First meditate on your query, and write it down, to place under your bowl. You will receive the message that will most benefit you, if you only listen. By the light of the full moon, and the stars in the sky, Place the stone at the bottom of your cauldron, use a few drops of your sacred water if you wish to conserve it, or fill it up to an inch above your flat stone if not. (Use Distilled water to fill the rest if applicable.) Crush the Mugwort between your fingers and breathe in its fragrance, thinking again of your query. Place it in your bowl, and think again of your query. Add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil, and notice the oil and how it distributes on the surface of the water. Are any images coming forth? Any messages being triggered in your mind? Blow smoke, or incense onto the surface of the water, and notice where it goes, what it does. Again note messages. If you are having difficulty, go back to your query and ask again.

Let the water bathe in the light of the moon overnight. You will gather and strain off the bulk materials the next day before sunrise. The water can now be used to help with your dreamwork, as the power and energy of the full moon has empowered it. Add to a spray bottle, or use a splash before going to sleep for this purpose. The energy of the water is that of the guides that protect you, the powers within you and the never ending energy source that is the light of the moon. by Mme.Hummingbird~


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