Everyday Shielding

Protecting oneself and your assets is important magical work. Having a consistent practice of transmutation and shielding is helpful in gaining power over adversaries and protecting yourself and those you love from errant negative energy. Here are a few ways to keep the evil out of your life on the daily. 

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) is a classic banishing technique brought to us by the Golden Dawn. It is used in modern circles often, and has been adapted by individuals to suit their needs and tastes. You may have seen someone draw this in the air in ritual, or protecting their vehicle before a long drive, Drawn on the self for protection with Cascarilla chalk, or on the front door of a home to protect against robbery and to keep shitty people from coming inside. Its a simple technique with excellent results. 

Transmutation can come in many different forms, like turning lead into gold, it is not always as simple as one wants.

I like to use any energy I may be getting from my enemies for my own benefit, if someone is trying to curse you, really, they expending a whole lot of energy to bring you down. Often they are obsessed with you, and cannot get you out of their mind for whatever reason. There is not a lot to reason with in these cases. Really there is enough suffering in the world, that a "return to sender" spell is not always the best. Obviously the person sending a curse is feeling some sort of emotion tied to you already and may already have their own issues. Since most of us are not Psychologists, I *try* to steer away from diagnosing haters and people with a vendetta.  

Prayer for Transmutation : At the Altar of Hekate ask for her help. "Hekate I ask you, transform any curses, evil and hatred that have been directed at me into energy that I can use for my own benefit, and anything that cannot be transformed, be sent into the Earth to be recycled." This takes some of the burden off of you, and allows Hekate to do her work. Be sure to give her an offering of some kind, or if you see someone in need, help them out. ( I often will give $3 or more dollars to a person I see begging on the street in her name with a blessing of luck to that person) 


Casting a Circle is another way  of protecting a ritual space while attendees may be in a vulnerable and in a receptive state. The Circle cast is a boundary, a temporary Temple of sorts, keeping out any errant energies that will take away from the focus of your working.  Being "Between the Worlds" with a group of people can individually let you bring down the walls that you put up for protection, but this needs to be done in a safe and protected space where you will open up to the group you have chosen to circle with. Many people cast circle with the LBRP at the elements, or with a blessed athame to protect and ward the space. I like to pass a head of garlic, placing a clove of garlic at each of the elements, or allowing each person to remove a clove to offer to the goddess Hekate at the point in ritual where we make offerings. Some people use Salt to create a visual of the circle, but this can be messy, and you should be able to feel the energetic boundaries of a circle cast without tools at all. 


Some Herbs of Protection: 




Mugwort (also opens up Psychic power)


all can be used to cleanse a space before and after a working, or any area that may need a little protective boost from any residual energies of happenings in a place. Making these herbs into a infusion that can be sprinkled in the area, or burning them as a fumigation are all wonderful ways to cleanse and protect a space. 


Stones to carry and keep for Protection:

Black Tourmaline: A nice dual purpose protective and healing stone. 

Obsidian : Formed by fire and smoothed over with time, a stone of patience and perseverance that can help release negativity and allow for creation

Magnetite : Releases attachments, allows for effective motion. It is a magnetic stone and magnets where said to have the power of Breath, and are called a "Breathing" Stone. 

Lava : Volcanic energy to destroy bad luck and promote passion

Moonstone : I like to keep a stone in my car and in my purse and luggage as it is an effective protective travelers stone.



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