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When I was 16 or so, I was working at Swensen's Ice Cream Factory, and the manager (who was probably in her early 20s’) was a witch. She would sometimes have her friend (Her high Priestess) visit and they would talk about witchcraft and I would listen as I worked, scooping Ice cream and cleaning tables.

The Manager, Mr. Kone encouraged me to do my homework while at work on slow days. I was often by myself out on the floor and it was during a slow part of the day, so I would of course bring my witchcraft books that I had gathered without my parents knowing and read what I could. I had my books in a pile on one of the dinner tables and I casually mentioned them to my co-worker and her friend on a day they came in. They looked at my books with disgust, told me I can’t just read a book and be a witch, and that I was throwing money away. Interestingly enough I agreed with them, you can’t just read a book and be a witch, but all they saw was the 16 year old me, and my naiveté, they did not see that I had a calling or that I truly was a magical being. Of course they did not offer to help, or give me some good books to read, and they continued to talk about how stupid I was for my book choices.

After a while, I just learned to not talk to that hoe and her friend. Until, one day I overheard them talk about how one of them had seen black cat shoulder blade earrings for sale at the Devils Workshop in Niles Fremont, and the HP of the two said “Those are for some powerful witch, I can’t even pull those off” So on my day off I trekked on over to the Devils Workshop and paid the $20 for the earrings and made sure I wore them on the day the two women would be at work. When I did work with them I made sure to flip the earrings her way and mention how I got them after they had talked about it in the shop. I told her: “I can pull them off” and gave them my best “Fuck You” glare. 

The Moral of the Story: I was really attached to my books, they were all I had at the time. They were special and certainly had their own vibe. I even had to acquire the same copy multiple times because they would be discovered by my parents and thrown away. Please don’t disparage books and the people who read them, I don't even remember what the books were, but I read every single book I got my hands on and they all taught me something, at a time when I really needed the words of an experienced magical person. 

Luckily I did find some like minded witchy friends over the years, but that particular time stands out in my memory of the holier than thou mentality that still can be present in witchcraft. Its usually from witches who are stupid and don't know when to shut the fuck up. 

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  • I love this!! Fuck yeah! I need to know you!


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