Dark Moon Working February 23rd 2020

To release and make room for what you really need~


The Dark Moon Working:

You will need:

1 cup of Black Salt Approx

1 cup Lemongrass herb

Powdered egg shell AKA Cascarilla (in its solid form)

1 black candle

On the Dark of the moon prepare a strong herbal tea of the lemongrass and be sure to save a teaspoon to make a herbal tea for yourself to drink after the bath. Strain the tea from the herb and begin to prepare your bath. Start the water and place your black salt into the tub, add the lemongrass tea, as it begins to fill you will dip the cascarilla into the tub to get it wet and you will draw a pentacle on your belly. This will purify and protect by using the power of the pentacle and the cascarilla. Crumble the rest of the cascarilla into the bath water and light your candle. Say a small prayer for yourself as you enter the bath, call on any deities for protection and purification that you wish, give them their appropriate offerings if so. (Sekhmet is excellent for this, and loves her dark beer) Allow yourself to soak for at least 20 minutes. When you are done you will go and make your lemongrass tea to drink and think of what you can do to manifest what it is you need in your life now. (Let the candle burn all the way)

Cascarilla is traditionally used to banish negative energies, the black salt can be the Hawaiian volcanic salt or any salt that is mixed with Charcoal and Sea Salt. These are cleansing and purifying. Lemongrass is used to cut away evil, and it is something that you wash yourself in, but can also drink to help with better decision making on your part, so you can be your best self. This spell can also be used as a foot bath, if a full tub is not suited for your needs.

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