Covid-19 and the Overreaction.

So there is that virus, popping up on your feed, see how virulent it is? It is everywhere. One thing we can certainly be happy about is that it has brought many public gatherings to a place of solidarity, and keeping them closed is exciting introverts around the globe.

I have been thinking a lot about what to do to prevent getting sick, as I certainly have the potential to be taken down by this one, and I have another person at home who would drown in his own mucus before going to the hospital.

Being in a rural community, there are a lot of people who can't afford to go to a hospital, or just don't trust the medical system. There are plenty of people hoarding some pretty wonderful anti-viral herbs in the hopes that it will prevent them from getting sick and if they DO get sick, help them to overcome it at a faster rate. 

I work as an Herbalist and business is BOOMING. Of course we can't keep hand sanitizer in stock, and elderberry is flying off the shelves at a record pace. But it all makes me wonder, if this disease causes a Cytokine Storm, will all that elderberry and echinacea be something you want to take if you get sick? 

*This disease can cause something called  "Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome" and contributes to "Cytokine Storm" which can cause respiratory failure/tissue damage etc. This is an overreaction by your cytokines! or as Dr. Marija says its :

"The uncontrolled systemic body-wide inflammatory response" . 

Vitamin C,  elderberry, mushrooms, garlic, turkey tail and echinacea etc are great to take to Prevent getting sick, but there could be unwanted effects if you take it while you have the virus. So you may want to consider avoiding those herbs if you think you have the Covid-19.  Honestly, though what does I or anyone know? I haven't treated anyone with this virus, or known any other herbalist who has. 

You can have Covid-19 for 5 days without symptoms. Notice if you are getting shortness of breath, this seems to be the first symptom. 

There is a lot of debate on this already out there, but consider both sides, and really just try to Be Well.

I am planning on cancelling my in person ritual on the 20th and creating a ritual  online that people can work with as needed. More info coming ASAP.



*Check out Dr. Marija of "My Custom Herbs" on Facebook as she is an herbalist and former Virologist who has a lot of great information on the subject. 


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