Artemis and Artemisia


Artemisias are named after the Goddess Artemis~ This is a Goddess who protects women and children so it stands to reason that these herbs are related to this cause.  These are just two of the many Artemisias out there~ 

Artemisia Absinthium (wormwood) and Artemisia Vulgaris (Mugwort) were traditionally used to help aid in childbirth, strengthening contractions to allow for full release of afterbirth. These herbs have been used as an Abortifactant, so it is not advised to use unless you are guided by a trained Midwife or Herbalist in this case.

Wormwood is used in a spiritual setting as an herb that can be hung in an area or burned to banish negative energies~ It has been added to magical inks to protect manuscripts as well ~ which also leads into the fact that it repels moths and other insects that can destroy such papers and cloth. It is well known as an ingredient in the famed Absinthe. Thujone from Wormwood is rumored to take many into the realm of madness with overuse in this way.

This leads us to Wormwoods gentler sister~ Mugwort. She is a Dreamers Herb~ Sometimes referred to as Dreamwort. When drunk in tea, applied topically or burned, the psychotropic effects of mugwort are released and these allow for more lucid dreams and relaxation. Found growing tall near rivers and streams this Moon plant can be known by its intoxicating fragrance. Place some of the herb in a pillow and keep with you when you wish to do Prophetic Dreamwork.

Both of these herbs are considered Psychotropic, the energies found within them are potent medicine for the modern witch.

A simple way to use these herbs is in a sachet, hung over your head when you sleep, inhale the fragrance of the herbs before you retire and allow for your body to relax into sleep. Wormwood is a Mars herb, and is great for protection on these journeys, while mugwort will help you to open up. Take note of what you dream!

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